Cha Cha :  (WD Whatcha Lookin At)
tested Creme Pearl
World Champion Halter
Champion Halter sire
Dam: Ima Clas E Chic
Champion Producer
Reference Sires

Awesome Andy

1999 APHA
Chestnut Overo
16.1 H   HYPP N/N
World Champion
2yo Halter Stallion
Superior Halter
World Champion
Halter & Superior
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Sorrel Overo Stallion
World Champion
& Reserve World Champion,
Superior Halter
Sire of (as of 9/2002):
29 World/Reserve World Champions
Multiple earners of Superiors in Halter &
Coosa Lad
Triumph over tragedy
The veterinarians concurred that the best and most humane thing to do,
would be to put the colt down. The owner, Lawrence Bramlett
refused..............This is the story of Coosa Lad.
In a totally freak accident and at a tender age of only 3 months, Coosa
Lad destined to show at the World show that year, had a spiral femur
fracture of his hind leg. The veterinarians concurred that the best and most
humane thing to do would be to put the colt down. The owner Lawrence
Bramlett refused and for 6 months Coosa Lad lay on his side unable to get
up. Lawrence faithfully took care of the young gentle colt and through all
the ups and downs Coosa Lad prevailed. After 6 months, he was finally
able to stand and the results of laying on his side had been devastating.
One side of his body was visibly flatter than the other and the colt had a
severe limp. His front legs were frail and curled from not being used. There
was much pain from his hind leg, to compensate, Coosa Lad began
transferring his weight to his front legs. With growth plates, not fully
developed, his right front leg gave out and this time had to be surgically
pinned. Throughout his ordeal Coosa Lad maintained a kind, wonderful
disposition and his will to live gave everyone inspiration in his abilities.
With his outstanding pedigree and awesome disposition, Coosa Lad has
made his mark in the breeding world of American Quarter Horses, Paint
Horses, Appaloosa's and Palomino's. He is an AQHA leading sire of Halter
ROM earners and an Equistat leading sire of performance and halter
horses! Some of his outstanding get include:
Coosa Nova 1998 Reserve World Champion showmanship 12-14 Palomino
World Show.
Lad's Conclusion 1998 QuarterRama High Point Novice Amateur Western
Lad's Queen of Hearts semi finalist 1997 Quarter Horse Congress and
multiple circuit championships in Open and novice Western Pleasure,
Coosa Khan Reserve Champion 2 year old under saddle ISBA Pleasure
Skippetty Coosa 2001 New York Circuit Champion lungeliner
Custom Apparrell USDF Bronze Medal earner and USDF All Breeds award
2001 and 2002, 1st at Second Level and 3rd at Second Level Horse of the
Year (United States Dressage Federation All Breeds Award with the AQHA)
Lads Winning Lady 2002 Quarter Horse Congress Champion Amateur
Coosa Lad has sired numerous superior and ROM earners and horses that
people just love to ride! Some are show horses and some are not, but the
best thing about them all, is that they are kind, gentle, easy going and
anyone can handle them!
From the article in
May 2009
Paint Horse Journal
Precious Pearls
Extremely Rare,
The real story,
and the role
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